Pillar Drill Machine

Pillar Drill Machine

Pillar drill machine is a very popular machine tool in India. It is used in many workshops, tool rooms, and manufacturing factories to increase their product, more production means more money.

You can do many machining operations using pillar drill machines such as drilling, boring, reaming, tapping, counterboring, countersinking, and spot facing.

Here at Maan Technoplus, we have a limited edition of heavy duty all geared pillar drill machines. It can help you make your work faster, easier, and profitable.

Pillar Drill Machine Manufacturer

Maan Technoplus is in the business of manufacturing drill machines since 1984. We are one of the few companies with ISO 9001:2008. Currently, we are providing many popular companies such as Essar steels, JWS steel, AMW, Indian oil, TATA DLT, plus many others.

We are is best known for offering heavy-duty radial drill machines and all gear pillar drill machines at competitive prices and minimum lead time.

Pillar Drill Machine Features

Here are the 8 major features of having a pillar drill in your workshop:

Accurate Holes

✓Pillar Drilling Machine is one of the best drilling machines to make a precise round hole, between the range of 25mm to 40mm diameter in a workpiece more effectively.

Perform Any Drilling Operations

✓Pillar drill machine gives you the freedom to perform various machining operations such as drilling, boring, reaming, countersinking, counter facing.

Drill Capacity

✓By using a pillar drill machine, you can drill a maximum of 40mm diameter holes in mild steel. Some pillar drill machines with box column designs can even drill up to 50mm holes.

Variety of Choice

✓Unlike hand press bench drills, you can use various drill bits between the range of 25mm to 40mm.

Unique Feature

✓One of the most unique features of the pillar drill is that, by setting up a tilting table, you can drill angled holes. And, with proper setup, you can also use it as a milling machine for some light duty milling work.

Variable Spindle Speed

✓When it comes to materials, you can use them for both soft and hard materials such as wood and metal. This is possible due to the variable speed feature. Which enables you to change speed faster speed for wood and slower speed for metal.

Depth Gauge Setting

✓This is another cool feature of the pillar drilling machine. By using this setting, you can drill blind holes in a large workpiece. And it also helps you to avoid drilling into the work table.

Mass Production

✓When it comes to production, a pillar drill machine is a good choice for mass production. Mostly this machine is ideal for woodworkers, machine shop owners, and large manufacturing companies.

Why Buy Pillar Drill Machines at Maan Technoplus?

When it comes to heavy-duty drilling machines, Maan Technoplus is probably the ultimate destination for all your industrial and business supplies. We offer you a wide range of power tools and machines at great prices.

Here, you will find all types of radial drill machines, pillar drill machines, and drilling cum milling machines. You can select different types such as all geared, double column, heavy-duty, and high precision machine tools according to your requirement.

Pillar Drill Machine Price

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