50mm All Geared Box Column Drilling Machine

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Why is a box column drill machine used?

Box column drill machine is used to perform various drilling operation such as drilling, boring, tapping, countersinking, counter boring, and spot facing.

What is the maximum size of hole that can be drilled using a box column drilling machine?

By using this drill machine, you can drill up to 50mm diameter of hole in mild steel and 60mm diameter in cast iron.

What PPE do you need when using a pillar drill machine?

We recommend below listed PPE when using a pillar drill machine:

  • Safety glasses
  • Hearing Protection
  • Dust mask or other appropriate respiratory protection
  • Close fitting/protective clothing

What are two safety features of the pillar drill?

Emergency stop button and safety guard are the two safety features of the pillar drill machine.

Does it suitable for Metal?

Yes, it is suitable for various metals such as alloy steel, mild steel, cast iron, aluminium, and brass.

What is the warranty period of this box column drill machine?

There is two years warranty of this product... If any problem hangs out, you can get it fixed from Maan Technoplus customer service. It is a nice product and works perfectly to the major needs.

What is power of the motor?

This drill machine comes with 3HP electric motor. It is three phases, two speed motor with 50-1750 RPM.

Standard Accessories:

  • Electrical consisting of two motors
  • Contractors
  • Limit switches
  • Wiring Etc

Optional Accessories: (At Extra Price)

  • Box Table
  • Coolant Pump with Fitting
  • Machine Lamp
  • Drill Chuck with key & arbor
  • Drill Sleeve
  • Drill Vice
  • Special T-Bolts
  • Foundation Bolt & Service Tool
  • Wooden Box Packing & Forwarding

Technical Specification

Technical Specification in MM:
Drilling Capacity in Mild steel 50
Drilling capacity in cast iron 60
Tapping capacity in steel: M 35
Tapping capacity in cast iron M 42
Boring Capacity 110
Morse taper in spindle MT 5
Spindle traverse on vertical 300
Vertical adjustment of spindle head [traverse] 750
Distance between spindle and upright 510
Number of spindle speeds 8
Range of spindle speeds 50-1750 RPM
Number of power feeds 4
Range of feeds (mm/rev) 0.10-0.25
Power of main motor [two speed] 3 HP,415V AC,3 PH 50 Hz
Power of elevating motor 1 HP,1400 rpm,415V AC,3 Ph 50 Hz
Base Size 1250 X 750 X 160
Working surface 850 X 750
Distance between base plate to spindle max./min. 970/100
No. of T Slots 4
Width of T Slots 21
Distance between T Slots 100
Box table size [L x W x H] 600 X 500 X 370
V-belt section of Elevator [lifting] A-25/A-26
Approxly Overall size [L X W X H] 1300 X 800 X 2400
Approxly Weight  1650Kg
  • Note : All the above designs,dimensions and details are approximate only and we reserve the right to alter them without prior notice as we are improving the design.
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