50mm All Geared Box Column Drilling Machine

50mm All Geared Box Column Drilling Machine | Maan Technoplus
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Standard Accessories:

  • Electrical consisting of two motors
  • Contractors
  • Limit switches
  • Wiring Etc

Optional Accessories: (At Extra Price)

  • Box Table
  • Coolant Pump with Fitting
  • Machine Lamp
  • Drill Chuck with key & arbor
  • Drill Sleeve
  • Drill Vice
  • Special T-Bolts
  • Foundation Bolt & Service Tool
  • Wooden Box Packing & Forwarding

Technical Specification

Technical Specification in MM:
Drilling Capacity in Mild steel 50
Drilling capacity in cast iron 60
Tapping capacity in steel: M 35
Tapping capacity in cast iron M 42
Boring Capacity 110
Morse taper in spindle MT 5
Spindle traverse on vertical 300
Vertical adjustment of spindle head [traverse] 750
Distance between spindle and upright 510
Number of spindle speeds 8
Range of spindle speeds 50-1750 RPM
Number of power feeds 4
Range of feeds (mm/rev) 0.10-0.25
Power of main motor [two speed] 3 HP,415V AC,3 PH 50 Hz
Power of elevating motor 1 HP,1400 rpm,415V AC,3 Ph 50 Hz
Base Size 1250 X 750 X 160
Working surface 850 X 750
Distance between base plate to spindle max./min. 970/100
No. of T Slots 4
Width of T Slots 21
Distance between T Slots 100
Box table size [L x W x H] 600 X 500 X 370
V-belt section of Elevator [lifting] A-25/A-26
Approxly Overall size [L X W X H] 1300 X 800 X 2400
Approxly Weight  1650Kg
  • Note : All the above designs,dimensions and details are approximate only and we reserve the right to alter them without prior notice as we are improving the design.
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