40mm All Geared Heavy Duty Pillar Drilling Machine

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About The Manufacturer

Maan Technoplus manufactures high-quality pillar drill machines and radial drill machines, that are engineered to make operation easier and convenient. This high-performance pillar drill is operator-friendly and designed for multiple drilling operations. It has variable speed control and a 3HP powerful motor for penetrating into various high-density materials without changing gears.

40mm Pillar Drill Machine

This all geared pillar drill machine enables the user to penetrate into cast iron, steel, and wooden surfaces very smoothly. It provides auto feed action on metal surfaces for faster operation. The drill has a two-speed motor and it is suitable for workshops and toolrooms applications.

Product Details:

Optimum Performance

This drilling machine is powered by a 3HP electric motor that provides optimum power for drilling into high-density surfaces. With the speed range of 1440-2880 RPM, you can use this pillar drill machine to drill almost any types of material.

Efficient Operation

This pillar drilling machine has a speed of 2800 RPM. It is manufactured to operate for longer durations without any inconvenience. MT4 taper in the spindle allows you to adjust the length of the taper to your desired length.

Ergonomic Control Wheel

The pillar drill machine has an ergonomically designed control wheel that provides optimum hand support. The handle is made with high-grade plastic to offer a comfortable grip.

Multiple Feed Options

The pillar drill machine is engineered to offer two different feeds: 0.02/0.01mm for improved workplace safety and reduce lost time and workers' compensation claims.

Compact and Durable

This all geared pillar drill machine has a compact and heavy duty structure. It can be operated by a single operator. The drill is made with high-grade material to ensure long-term usage.

Ideal for Manufacturing Workshops and Toolrooms

This heavy duty pillar drill machine is ideal for professional and DIY use. It has a maximum drilling capacity of 40mm on steel.

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What materials can a pillar drill machine drill?

Pillar drill machine can drill in various material such as cast iron, mild steel, alloy steel, aluminium, brass, copper, wood, plastic etc.

What is the drilling capacity of this Pillar Drill Machine?

This pillar drill machine can drill a 40mm of hole in mild steel.

What should I look for in a pillar drill?

You should look below parameters before you buy a pillar drill machine:

  • Drilling capacity
  • Number of spindle speed
  • Number of auto feed
  • Accuracy of rotating spindle
  • Maximum drill depth (spindle travel)
  • Size of the chuck and locking mechanism
  • Motor power
  • Throat Depth
  • Price of the machine

What will be the warranty Period of this Drill Machine?

Every Maan Technoplus Pillar Drill Machine comes with two years of manufacturer warranty. However, we recommend you to talk to our sales representative about the warranty in details before making a purchase decision.

What PPE should you wear when using a pillar drill?

We recommend you to wear below listed PPE:

  • Safety glasses
  • Hearing Protection
  • Dust mask or other appropriate respiratory protection
  • Close fitting/protective clothing

What is the working size of the table?


Can I use this pillar drill machine on wood?

Yes, you can use this pillar drill machine for drilling holes in wood, and metal.

How is a radial arm drilling machine different from a pillar drill?

In a pillar drill machine, the distance between the drill head and the column is fixed. On the contrary, in a radial drill machine, the distance between the drill head and the column can be changed to some extent.

Sr No. Model No. Maan 40 X 8/360
1 Drill Capacity in Mild Steel 40mm
2 Spindle Traveling 250mm
3 Spindle Speed {RPM} & 8 Speed 8/60. 1760 RPM
4 Taper In Spindle {Morse} MT 4
5 Column Diameter 150mm
6 Column Length 1470 mm
7 Spindle Center to Column 357mm
8 Size of Working Table Square {Round Table} 500 X 500
9 Max. Distance Spindle to Table 560mm
10 Max. Distance Spindle to Base 1030mm
11 Motor 3 Phase Two Speed 1440 / 2880 rpm
12 Number of Power Feeds 0.02 / 0.01
13 Machine Base 825 X 525 X 150 mm
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