50mm All Geared Heavy Duty Pillar Drilling Machine

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About The Manufacturer

Maan Technoplus manufactures high-quality pillar drill machines and radial drill machines, that are engineered to make operation easier and convenient. This high-performance pillar drill is operator-friendly and designed for multiple drilling operations. It has variable speed control and a 3HP powerful motor for penetrating into various high-density materials without changing gears.

50mm Pillar Drill Machine

This pillar drill machine is a powerful drilling machine with a 3HP motor. It has a rigid and heavy duty design that provides fatigue-free working; Reducing the risk of mistakes and injury. You can use this pillar drill to produce holes in various types of materials such as cast iron, mild steel, and wood. It has auto feed system so you can operate faster ever than before.

Product Details:

Robust and powerful motor

With a 3HP electric motor, this pillar drill machine provides the exact amount of power and support you need in completing various drilling operations with great ease.

Heavy duty design

Often the size and weight of drills weigh one down, but not with the Maan 50 X 8/360. Its heavy duty design enables the user to work with thick and hard materials without much effort.

All gear pillar drill machine

This pillar drill machine provides a stress-free working experience as it has all gear design, making it the perfect choice for continuous use.

Forward/Reverse Drilling

The forward/reverse mode switch located in the center of the drill handle allows easy and quick shifting between clockwise and anticlockwise directions while drilling.

Variable Speed Trigger

Based on whether it is a boring or drilling application the rpm can be controlled by pressing the variable speed trigger switch.

Easy to Handle

Designed to operate comfortably, this sturdy and powerful pillar drill machine gives you the freedom to work conveniently and easily every single day.

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What is the best pillar drill?

It will depend upon your need and requirement. If you are working with heavy and thick metals, and mass product, then all geared heavy duty pillar drill machine is a great choice for you. By using this machine, you can speed up your daily production.

What is the drilling capacity in Mild steel?

This pillar drill machine can drill up to 50mm diameter.

What are the parts of a pillar drill?

Below are the basic parts of any pillar drill machine:

  1. Base
  2. Pillar or column
  3. Work Table
  4. Spindle
  5. Drill Head
  6. Motor

How many types are there in the Pillar Drill Machine?

Currently we have below 3 models of pillar drill machine available for sale:

  1. 40mm all geared heavy pillar drill machine
  2. 50mm all geared heavy pillar drill machine
  3. 50mm all geared box column drill machine

Which are the accessories I Should Buy with Pillar Drill Machine?

Below accessories with pillar drill machine can be a great choice to buy:

  • Tapping Attachment
  • Machine Lamp
  • Coolant Pump with Fitting
  • Machine Lamp
  • Drill Chuck with key & arbor
  • Drill Sleeve
  • Drill Vice
  • Special T-Bolts
  • Foundation Bolt
  • Service Tool
  • Wooden Box Packing & Forwarding

Country of origin?

This pillar drill machine is made in India.

Can a pillar drill machine drill metal?

Yes, pillar drill machine can easily drill metal such as cast iron and steel.

How do you adjust the speed on a pillar drill?

It is very simple; you can use speed control panel on the left side of the machine to adjust the speed on this pillar drill machine.

Sr No. Model No. Maan 50 X 8/360
1 Drill Capacity in Mild Steel 50mm
2 Spindle Traveling 250mm
3 Spindle Speed {RPM} & 8 Speed 8/60. 1760 RPM
4 Taper In Spindle {Morse} MT 4
5 Column Diameter 150mm
6 Column Length 1470 mm
7 Spindle Center to Column 357mm
8 Size of Working Table Square {Round Table} 500 X 500
9 Max. Distance Spindle to Table 560mm
10 Max. Distance Spindle to Base 1030mm
11 Motor 3 Phase Two Speed 1440 / 2880 rpm
12 Number of Power Feeds 0.02 / 0.01
13 Machine Base 825 X 525 X 150 mm
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