50mm All Geared Heavy Duty Radial Drilling Machine (Model: Maan 50×16/1300)

50mm All Geared Heavy Duty Radial Drilling Machine | Maan Technoplus
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Standard Accessories:

  • Electrical consisting of two motors, contractors, limit switches, control transformers, wiring Etc.
  • Instruction and Operating Manual

Optional Accessories: (At Extra Price) : 

  • Box Table
  • Coolant Equipment consisting of Coolant Pump with motor,On/Off Switch,Built in tank,piping and Spout,
  • Machine Light (Without Lamp)
  • Drill Sleeve
  • Vice
  • Drill Chuck with key & arbor
  • Special T- bolts
  • Wooden Box Packing & Forwarding

Specification in MM:

Sr No. Model No. MAAN 50x16/1300
A Capacity 50 mm.
B Drilling Capacity in Solid
1 In Steel Having 600Mpa Tensile Strength 50mm.
2 In Cast Iron having 180BHN 60mm.
C Tapping Capacity
1 Metric Threads up to size (mm) 32mm.
2 Any Other Threads (Inch) 1/1/4 Fine Pitch.
D Boring in Steel 120 mm.
E Drilling in Head
1 Taper in Spindle – [Nose] MT – 5
2 Spindle travels – Auto/Manual 325mm.
3 No. of Spindle Speeds/Range 16/35 – 2000 RPM
4 No. of Auto Feeds 4/0.10 – 0.25
F Electrical
1 Power Supply 415V, 3 PH, 50Hz
2 Drilling Head Two Speed Motor 5HP
3 Arm Elevating Motor 2HP
4 Coolant Pump
G Working Range
1 Drilling Radius Min./Max. 500/1450
2 Distance between base plate to Spindle Min./Max.(Spindle Retracted) 395/1300
3 Drilling Head Traverse Max (Manual) 800mm
4 Column Sleeve Diameter 300mm
5 Vertical Traverse of Arm (Auto) 725mm
6 Rotation of Arm (Both Side) 0-180DEG.
H Base Plate
1 Working surface (L x W) 1300 x 800
2 Overall Size 2000x970x200
3 No. of T-Slots & Nominal Size 4/22
4 Weight of Machine with Electricals & Standard Accessories(Approx) Net/Cross 3500Kg.
I Space Required by Machine (LxWxH) mm. 2300x1000x2750
J Box Table Size (LxWxH) mm. 600x500x380
  • Note : All the above designs,dimensions and details are approximate only and we reserve the right to alter them without prior notice as we are improving the design.
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